Code of Conduct INDEX Group

Our conduct as a company and as the company's employees is defined by the INDEX Group's Mission Statement:


We see ourselves as an innovative company that produces high-quality capital goods and deliveries added value for its customers through technical innovation. We measure ourselves by the success of our customers.


We see ourselves as a flexible company that is focused on long-term growth to expand its core expertise in a sustainable manner. We strongly believe that following these guidelines will contribute to sustainable increase in the value of the company and to preserving our independence and will guarantee that the INDEX Group has a strong reputation in society and on the market.


We see ourselves as an open company where fair dealing with each other, equal opportunity, the centrality of factual arguments, and the transparency of processes are a matter of course. As an attractive employer, we can thereby inspire the best crop of graduates to work for us and retain our top performers in the long term.


We see ourselves as a competitive company that conducts itself on the world's markets in accordance with national and international laws and rules of competition.

Based on this mission statement, the companies within the INDEX Group recognize the following principles as essential fundamental rules of conduct and implement these rules via their employees and managers.

Mission Satement of INDEX in detail


Code of Conduct - INDEX Group