The requirements for trust-based collaboration with our Purchasing Department.

To become a supplier for INDEX-Werke GmbH & Co. KG Hahn & Tessky, the following conditions must be observed.


1.) Acceptance of our general terms and conditions of purchasing.

      The current version can be downloaded as a PDF document here: 

      INDEX Einkaufsbedingungen - DE (PDF / 42 KB)

      INDEX Purchasing Terms - EN (PDF / 42 KB)


2.) Compliance with our non-disclosure agreement.

      You can find the latest non-disclosure agreement here for review and subsequent signing: 

      Vereinbarung zur Regelung der Geheimhaltung und Wahrung von Schutzrechten  (PDF)


3.) Completed supplier self-disclosure must be submitted for an application.

       Lieferantenselbstauskunft (PDF)


4.) Contractual arrangements concerning a development/design service:

       Vereinbarung zur Ausführung von Entwicklungs-/Konstruktionsleistungen und/oder Herstellung von Baugruppen (PDF)