Efficient scroll production

  • More that 3x faster with multi-spindle technology
  • Highest surface quality
  • Low consumption of resources in terms of area, personnel and energy

What is a scroll compressor?

Scroll compressors are used to increased the pressure of gases. They essentially consist of two functional components with interlocking spirals. While one of the parts remains fixed, the other moves along an excentered circular path. The spirals thus form rotating chambers whose volume becomes smaller with each rotation. The gaseous medium is increasingly compressed. When it reaches the middle, the scroll compressor pushes the compressed gas through an opening into the connected pipe.

Efficient scroll production on the INDEX MS40-8

Scroll compressors are increasingly being used in cooling systems, air conditioners, and heat pumps. They are also used in hybrid and electric vehicles to cool down electric motors, batteries, and the interior of the vehicle.

Yet, the two spiral-shaped functional components of a scroll compressor do not appear to be typical components for a multi-spindle automatic lathe at first glance. However, after further consideration, our developers have found a way to use the strengths of the multi-spindle lathe for the required machining operation.

Tolerances in the lower μm range

A careful selection of the individual process steps allows for the entire machining of the workpieces from blank to finished part to be performed in a machining pass. This allows the traditional premachining of the workpieces to be omitted. The clamping technology that is implemented guarantees that the highly precise shape and position tolerances are observed. A total of four high-frequency spindles running at speeds up to 30,000 rpm are implemented for the milling operations.

This results in a cycle time per workpiece that is only about 25% of that for current manufacturing solutions on machining centers—and with a significantly

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