Training, Dual Studies & Vocational Orientation

Brilliant PERSPECTIVES for Highschool Students & Graduates

Our trainees and students are the future of our company. They learn in an interdisciplinary and practical way in a state-of-the-art training center. 
Early integration into operational processes is important to us. By working on real assignments, we jointly develop the professional skills and abilities that are important for you. Training at INDEX has always stood for a high level of practical relevance and intensive, sustained support by experienced trainers. As a technological market leader, we attach great importance to quality and transparency.

We take responsibility for our junior staff. Our trainees and students are individually mentored in order to use their own potential and develop their strengths. They assume responsibility at an early stage, for example, as mentors for highschool students in the vocational orientation program

Varied and interesting tasks in the diverse operating departments at our three locations in the district of Esslingen are part of our program.
In order to ensure the best possible and smooth entry into the training program, we start together with all trainees and students as part of an introductory week, including an excursion of several days to get to know each other. 
As the training progresses, we enable spending time abroad at one of our subsidiaries in China, the USA, Sweden, Slovakia or France to gain a comprehensive insight into the international world of mechanical engineering. Alongside the "normal" training program, we also offer other interesting in-depth courses, such as language courses or team building.

At the end of the training or the dual study program, there are many different perspectives. Join us on the path to a successful future.

Training - a solid and secure base

A solid and secure basis Bilder - our training content is taught in a dual form. The training company (practice) and the vocational school (theory) lead the trainees together to the goal.
During the on-the-job training, current topics such as the digitization of work, data and information security are integrated into the technical skills and knowledge, and a variety of projects and actions for the development of social and methodological competence are carried out.
Also sports activities come here not too short. In the commercial-technical as well as in the commercial sector, we offer the following dual training occupations.

Application possible for vacancies in 2025 

Dual study program – Step by step into a successful future

Step by step into a successful future – our dual courses of study optimally combine science and practice and provide students with a comprehensive insight into business processes and operating areas.

During your studies, theoretical phases at the training partner (Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University in Stuttgart) alternate with practical phases at the training company. Every three months, students can apply their newly acquired knowledge directly in the company and substantiate and expand it by working on a real task from a suitable area of business.

Our company focuses on the highest professional quality and intensive individual support by experienced engineers and academics. The highly practice-oriented and theoretically demanding dual study program offers committed and motivated students excellent career opportunities and financial independence.

The study and lecture plans of all study courses as well as the admission requirements are published on the homepage of the Dual Partner, the Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University Stuttgart.

We offer the following courses of study in the engineering and economic faculties:

Application possible for Starting Semesters in 2025


6 Semester // Start in october

Vocational Orientation

What should I be? What suits me? What am I good at? What do I have to do for it?

Questions that every highschool student asks himself/herself eventually. By conducting a one-week student internship we jointly try to find answers and solutions for future career choices. The student internship in the workshop area (metal and electrical) provides insights into activities in the professions of Industrial Mechanic, Machining Mechanic, Mechatronics Technician, and Electronics Technician. In a practical, handcrafted project, everyone can explore themselves.

The student internship in technical product design teaches knowledge and skills in creating and handling technical documents and working on computers with 3D programs.

For students who are interested in studies, we offer a one-week company tour through various technical areas.
We are happy to support students in determining their suitability and inclinations and can provide feedback on the requirements for successful training at INDEX on request.

We are delighted about the interest in our offers and ask you to send your application by email to our training manager Mrs. Kuhn at

Contents (in pdf format):

  • Cover letter indicating the area and time period
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Report card

As our student internships are only available in limited numbers, we kindly ask you to contact us as early as possible.

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