Industrial Clerk (m/f)

Training period: 3 years

Industrial Clerks are genuine all-rounders in a company. They handle orders and process invoices, take care of warehousing and scheduling, prepare meetings and conferences, but are also an integral part of human resources, accounting and controlling.

The tasks are multi-layered and different depending on the area, for example, tasks in purchasing include the comparison of offers and the processing of orders, while in finance and accounting business transactions must be posted and compliance with payment terms must be ensured.

Their work requires the competent use of computers and various means of communication such as email, Internet, fax and telephone.
The versatility of this training qualification makes it particularly suited for young people who are flexible and prefer varied, responsible work.

WORKING AREAS of our Industrial Clerks include inventory management, human resources, finance and accounting, spare parts sales, service administration or marketing and sales.

REQUIREMENTS include openness, outgoing personality, good communication, and a courteous manner. Team spirit, willingness to learn, diligence and self-motivation are equally important. But also good orthography, mathematical skills and stamina as well as a certain interest in technical processes are important.

CAREER OPPORTUNITIES: Specialization in various fields of activity within the above-mentioned working areas.

FURTHER QUALIFICATION OPPORTUNITIES: Business Economist; Business Specialist; Bachelor of Arts (B.A.).