Internships, Working Students & Thesis

Brilliant PERSPECTIVES for students

Head full of theory? Then seize the opportunity and enter the world of machining.

Whether as an intern, working student or with a practice-oriented thesis, the INDEX Group offers motivated and committed students the opportunity to gain practical experience during their studies. In a modern environment, you can look over the shoulder of the experts in your field and get enough freedom for creative and independent work. You will develop your skills further with challenging tasks.

You are firmly integrated into your team right from the start and enjoy intensive support so that you can start your professional career after graduating with excellent prospects – preferably with us.


Before or during their studies, students can gain intensive insights into the work processes of our company for three to six months. All departments are available for this purpose.

We welcome applicants from technical and business studies. Students from other backgrounds can also complete an internship with us in the relevant areas by arrangement. 

Final Thesis

The last step on your way to an academic degree: Your thesis at the INDEX Group.
With a practice-oriented final thesis, you can work on current tasks of our specialist areas and put the icing on the cake for your studies.
We offer you a professional environment for the best possible working conditions, qualified support and, through the network you can build up in our company as part of your thesis, exciting prospects for your future career.

Working Students

Test your knowledge in practice with our experts and support us in our daily work processes.

We offer dedicated students the opportunity to gain experience in the company during their studies.
Through continuous cooperation, you will be actively involved in what is happening and work independently on projects.
An optimal opportunity to finance your studies. Of course, you can arrange your working hours flexibly so that your studies are always the main focus.