Business Studies

Study period: 3 years

REQUIREMENTS for all dual study programs include very good comprehension, stamina, discipline, self-motivation and personal responsibility as well as a high willingness to learn. Team spirit and a basic interest in digital processes and economic relationships are also essential.

Business Administration –
Industry (B.A.) Industrial Management

The increasing globalization of the economy requires highly qualified specialists and managers. Challenges such as digitization, the political situation or risks in the international environment are increasingly influencing the development and success of our industry. In addition to the theoretical goal of the study program, which is to teach up-to-date, well-founded business management expertise and methodological knowledge, the focus is also on practical experience. By regularly switching between the theoretical and practical phases, theoretical topics can be implemented directly in the company. This requires a high degree of analytical thinking, an understanding of complex issues and a certain technical interest.

REQUIREMENTS include the ability to communicate and work in a team, a high willingness to learn and self-motivation. But structured and analytical thinking, flexibility and sense of responsibility are also important characteristics for the studies.

Possible WORKING AREAS of our graduates include finance and accounting, controlling, inventory management, marketing and sales.

Business Administration –
Digital Business Management (B.A.)

The advent and progress of digitization in companies requires people who advance the digital world and have sound business knowledge. The study course “Business Administration – Digital Business Management” enables students to solve business and digital problems that depend on each other. To this end, the course focuses on IT management, IT law, IT security as well as business analytics, general business administration and economics.

In order to consolidate the knowledge acquired and accumulated in the theoretical phases, INDEX offers a balanced and tailor-made training program in the practical phase. A training program that promotes independent projects and supports them through direct involvement in day-to-day business.

REQUIREMENTS include good mathematical and abstract understanding, logical thinking and an interest in economic relationships. Equally important are team spirit and an affinity for digital processes as well as a high willingness to learn and self-motivation.

Possible WORKING AREAS of our Business Administration - Digital Business Management students include the IT departments of the company, IT security, digitization, but also sales and marketing.

Business Information Technology (B.Sc.) Application Management

The IT sector is currently one of the fastest growing industries and therefore offers outstanding career prospects. The interdisciplinary network of economics and computer science focuses on business administration and IT topics. The students are taught methods of software engineering and the basics of business administration. In the operational environment, tasks such as the support of ERP systems, optimization of business processes or IT architecture are handled during the practical phases. Here, subjects learned in the theoretical phase can be consolidated and internalized in a variety of departments. At INDEX, the specialization of Application Management is applied.

REQUIREMENTS include very good mathematical and digital understanding, interest in economic processes and analytical thinking. Team spirit, creativity and a high willingness to learn are equally essential.

Possible WORKING AREAS of our business IT students include sales, inventory management, product, project and process management, and software development. Business IT specialists are often found in management positions.