Mechatronics Technician (m/f)

Industrial Mechanic & Industrial Electrician (m/f)

Training period: 3 + 1 years

Mechatronics Technicians work in assembly, maintenance and service. They are the link between mechanics and electronics. They build and install electrical, pneumatic, hydraulic and mechanical assemblies and systems. Their work includes the installation and testing of hardware and software components. They put mechatronic systems into operation, operate equipment, program and maintain systems. Quality assurance and occupational safety are always in their focus.

Due to the complexity of our machines and the high proportion of mechanical components in our product, as well as continuous technological development and digitization, we have created a more in-depth training program.

** Mechatronics Technician model at INDEX:

The alternative model to Mechatronics Technician at INDEX in the form of shortened training as Industrial Mechanic and subsequent shortened training as Industrial Electrician has already proved its worth in the second round.

Both state-approved training occupations can be completed together in only 4 years.

The additional qualification of "Qualified Electrician for Specified Activities" is conducted already during training as an Industrial Mechanic, and thus identifies skills and suitability in this specific area at an early stage.

After completing the advanced training as Industrial Electrician, which has been reduced to one year, trainees will ultimately have a profound mechanical background and also a fully-fledged and state-approved electrical training with all the authorizations of a qualified electrician.

WORKING AREAS of our combined specialists from Industrial Mechanics & Industrial Electrics are mainly in the field of machine assembly and refit (special machine construction and modernization of second-hand machines).

REQUIREMENTS include mathematical skills, logical thinking, spatial imagination, fine-motor skills, dexterity, and technical understanding. Equally important are team spirit, sense of responsibility, willingness to learn, stamina, diligence, and the ability to concentrate.

CAREER OPPORTUNITIES: Service technicians with direct customer contact, setting up customer machines, or in commissioning and maintenance.

FURTHER QUALIFICATION OPPORTUNITIES: Master Craftsman; Business Economist; Bachelor of Engineering (B. Eng.).

Subsequent fields of activity: Setup engineer in technical sales or consultant in the area of tool holders; work planner in work preparation; project supervisor for automation topics or implementation of new production technologies; integration of Industry 4.0 topics; production controller; design engineer in mechanical and electrical environments, reorientation into commercial areas such as inventory management as technical purchaser.

If you wish to apply, please select the job profile of Industrial Mechanic!