PC software for CNC programming of additional machining technologies.

+Technology packages I

(options):  Technology packages enable additional technological machining with output of CNC blocks for further processing.

Runs and can be used on a PC independently of INDEX Virtual Machine and TRAUB WinFIexPS

  • 3D-STEP Import technology package (SAP 12033646)
  • DeburringPRO technology package (SAP 12033647)
  • Milling technology package (SAP 12033645)
  • Streamline milling technology package (SAP 12033644)
  • Engraving* technology package (SAP 12033643)
    *IT-TECHNO with “Engraving” technology package is identical to the former WinGravur

To the technology packages

    Data import + technology processing

    Data export + transfer