Power skiving

INDEX machines are an ideal platform for Power Skiving due to their high rigidity and excellent damping properties. The special INDEX Power Skiving control cycle makes operation particularly easy. User-guided input masks for work piece, tool, process and correction data make the implementation very efficient.

The INDEX Power Skiving technology is available for the following machines: G220, G320, G420, G520, R200, R300, TNX220 as well as all INDEX multi-spindle automatic lathes.


  • External/internal gearings
  • Straight/helical gears
  • Special profiles
  • Module range 0.1 - 4.0 mm (0.004-0.16 inch), smaller/larger on request
  • Gear quality up to IT7 (equals AGMA 2000: 10, AGMA 2015: 7)
  • Hollow gears with minimum inner diameters of 20 mm (0.8 inch)
  • Conical and cylindrical tools
  • Crowning
  • Profile and flank corrections for left and right flanks separately


Your advantages

  • Complete machining in one clamping
  • Factor 10 faster than gear shaping
  • Shortest run-out paths


Polygon turning and power skiving on multi-spindle automatic lathes


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