The FANUC 31i control: Powerful and proven

Your advantages

  • Control from the latest FANUC series (31i-B)
  • FANUC operating panel with CNC keyboard and 15" touch screen
  • Original FANUC machine operating panel with axis and spindle overrid
  • Electronic handwheel integrated into the machine control panel (standard)
  • Memory for 1000 part programs
  • File system for structured program storage
  • USB port and CARD reader on operating panel
  • Enhanced user safety with FANUC Dual Check Safety
  • Protection level concept for defined access rights

Typical applications

The FANUC 31i controller is ideal for highly complex, multi-axis, multi-channel machines designed for fast, high-precision machining. The hardware and innovative software provide the highest performance, precision and surface quality.


INDEX enhancements and additions

  • Individual keys on the control panel with direct access to the following functions:

   - Turret indexing / single station (CCW/CW rotation)
   - Setup / Production
   - Cycle Start / Cycle Stop
   - Acknowledgment device
   - Open workpiece clamp

  • INDEX-specific extensions to the user interface for improved ease of machine operation, program and parameter input, machine monitoring
  • Sensorless tool monitoring based on motor current
  • Freely programmable interface for adjusting external (automation) devices to the machine (e.g., handling system) (option)
  • Lateral “INDEX Hotkey” bar for quick navigation