Control TX8i-s V8 - Ideally equipped for Industry 4.0

Easy operation, maximum flexibility with programming and absolute process reliability


Next generation high-end product lines.

With its CNC technology, MITSUBISHI offers users worldwide product quality of the highest level, based on the 3 pillars "most innovative control technology", "highest quality and availability" and "best networkability".

Your advantages

  • Easy and quick creation as well as optimization of programs
  • Compatible with WinFlex + WinFlexplus
  • Programming techniques on an external PC workstation or directly at the machine
  • Ergonomic control with 19" Multi-Touch-Display
  • Prepared for Industrie 4.0 as standard - easy integration of the machine 
  • Advanced and intelligent drive conecept
  • Extremely high reliability

With TRAUB Remote-Access and TRAUB Messenger (Option) you are always optimally informed about the actual status of the turning machine.

Retrieve and view the current machine status and view the control screen by TRAUB remote access on your tablet or smartphone

With the TRAUB Messenger you get automatic notification at defined machine states by email.

Standard functions and interfaces available in the control enable easy integration of the machine in the production evironment. You have access to production information and custom applicaions that are displayed directly on the control screen.

Functions for Industry 4.0

Integrated browser for web applications as standard

Remote Access display on tablet/smartphones 
Display/control of applications via VNC

Configuartion information / setup sheet

Workpiece drawings