VirtualPro – the innovative programming support

Program creation made easy

VPro Guide
The new standard in programming

VirtualPro with VPro Guide provides a new and particularly easy and powerful programming support for all INDEX turning machines:

VPro Guide is an innovative programming method from INDEX guiding the operator consistently through all machining technologies such as turning, drilling, milling and even the automation of machines and workpieces.

The current machining situation – which of course also considers the machine configuration – is always graphically visualized in VPro Guide so that even difficult entries can be made easily and safely step by step. Even complex and elaborate program sequences are created quickly and correctly.

... VPro Guide gets you to your goal quickly and safely!

VPro Guide – the technology-assisted programming support from INDEX – allows you to program complex parts faster and safer.

Thanks to the easy and practical programming assistance in VPro Guide, even inexperienced users are able to create complete, executable NC programs. VPro Guide follows clearly structured interactive screens that generate “step by step” complete NC program sequences of the individual steps – including approach and retract movements. VPro Guide is part of the INDEX VirtualPro CNC Programming Studio and can be called directly from the workpiece editor.

Multi-channel step editor

  • Optimal overview and navigation; easy channel (program) switchover
  • Basis for multi-channel, parallel workpiece program creation
  • Parallel WAIT-synchronized or runtime-related view
  • Runtime-based display and optimization functions
  • Direct change to “Large” ASCII single program view and between channels

Function lists / cycles

  • Tabular overview of technology and functional cycles
  • Logic structure by machining type and function
  • Graphically supported selection of detail
  • Explanatory text and graphics diagram for input parameters
  • Directly reconvertible to originally used parameterization screen
  • On-line programming instructions for program commands, cycles and functions

Contour generator

  • Contour definition through geometric elements 
  • Programming of continuous contour trains
  • Insertion of form elements in and between the geometric elements
  • Automatic calculation of open geometries (up to 5 unknowns)
  • Reconvertible as contour

DXF reader

  • 2D contour tracking including application of geometry to open workpiece program
  • Coordinate definition, setting zero point, clean-up of measurement and auxiliary lines
  • Reconvertible to geometry processor, for example for subsequent contour changes
  • Direct access from (multi-channel) editor of the control
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