Repair service for defective tool holders

Maintenance agreements

In addition to our pick-up service, we now also offer you the option of arranging a maintenance agreement with us for repairing your tool holders.

You only need to specify two cost limits up to which we may carry out a repair without consulting you. One of the limits determines the maximum cost per repair order. The other limit determines the percentage value with respect to the original price of the tool holder.

If either of the two limits is exceeded, we will consult with you; in all other cases we will carry out the repair and return the tool holder to you.

In the vast majority of cases, a maintenance agreement significantly shortens the repair time.

For this reason, we recommend that you arrange a maintenance agreement with us here.


Pick-up service – this is how it works!

  • Download the form for the pick-up order here and fill it out.

  • Send the completed form by fax or email to us.

  • Pack the tool holders and have the package ready for collection at the time specified in the email. Our forwarder arrives for collection with prepared transport documents.

    Please have the TNT number indicated in the email ready at the time of collection.
  • If a maintenance agreement has been arranged with us and the expected costs are below the upper limits you set, we will carry out the repair without further consultation.

  • If no maintenance agreement has been arranged with us, we will prepare a cost estimate based on our experience and send it to you by email. If the actual repair costs are higher than expected, we will always contact you.

  • We will return the repaired tool holder to you.

Still questions? Just call us at +49 711 3191-554



Service note for tool holder repair