EMO excitement at INDEX


Highlight #1: the newly developed CNC universal lathe INDEX B400, which promises "universal turning at the highest level". As it is aimed at the manufacture of flange and shaft parts in small series from lot sizes of 1, ease of setup and operation plays an important role with this machine. In this respect, the machine operator will welcome the excellent accessibility of the INDEX B400, which allows him to carry out all setup work in an ergonomic posture. Also the W-serration in the turret, which allows for process-reliable and fast alignment of the tool holders, is one of the useful details. The monoblock slant machine bed made of mineral cast and inclined by 45 degrees forms with its vibration-damping properties the basis for high-precision machining. It holds the belt-driven, powerful main spindle, a star turret with linear Y-axis, and an NC tailstock. The CNC control is a Siemens Sinumerik 840D SL, which can be operated intuitively through an 18.5" touch monitor. Particular comfort is provided by the Xpanel operating concept developed by INDEX, which opens up access to networked production.

Highlight #2 shines among the production turning machines: for the first time, an INDEX C100 configured with Fanuc CNC control and a new user-friendly 15" touch screen will be presented. The machine is designed for demanding simultaneous machining with two or three turrets and stands for high acceleration and rapid traverse rates. The large tool pool and the patented INDEX W-serration provide for short setup times. The high dynamics and quick turret indexing lower the chip-to-chip times.

The turn-mill center INDEX G220 targeted for demanding complete machining presents itself in a new design. Equipped with two identical motorized spindles, the INDEX G220 stands for economic simultaneous machining with two tool carriers. The lower tool turret with Y-axis optionally provides up to 18 stations, which responds to such market requirements as complete machining of increasingly complex parts. Thanks to a five-axis enabled motorized spindle and a tool turret with Y-axis, the INDEX G220 is capable of handling nearly all turning and/or milling operations. Already included: the new operating system Xpanel - i4.0 ready with 18.5" touch screen and INDEX C200 SL control based on the CNC Siemens S840D SL.

Never presented at a trade show before - TRAUB TNL20-9B and TNL20-11. Thanks to the additional B-axis in the upper tool carrier, the TRAUB TNL20-9B can be used for machining complex parts and complicated contour elements at any angle position, without requiring angled tool holders for operations such as milling, drilling, cross-drilling or cross-threading. Another advantage is the redesigned back working attachment, which is no longer a separate unit as in the past but attached to the lower turret. With its additional front working attachment, the TRAUB TNL20-11 has a second, upper tool carrier with six stations. Three tool mountings are live. One can even be equipped with a double holder. The front working attachment has an autonomous compound slide in Z and X, as well as an NC swivel axis. By its interpolation with the X-axis, a Y-axis function can be implemented. This way the user can adjust his tool to the spindle center also simply by a position offset, which is of great importance, for example, for deep-hole drilling.

The handling of parts for small and for large workpieces has been solved professionally by TRAUB on the new TNL20. For automated machining of sawed sections and preshaped blanks, an 'Xcenter' robot cell, which is fully integrated into the lathe, has been developed for the TNL20 series. Of course, this automation solution allows you also to remove workpieces machined from stock without damage and to feed them to another process step within the robot cell, e.g. to a measuring or marking device.

There are new highlights also among multi-spindle machines: For the first time at an exhibition event, the new multi-spindle lathe INDEX MS40-8 will be presented, equipped with the Index bar loader INDEX MBL40-8. The MS40-8 is characterized by special versatility. With eight motorized spindles, simple and complex bar and chuck parts can be machined in the shortest cycle times. Up to two simultaneously working synchronized spindles also allow sophisticated rear-end machining. The centerpiece is the compact spindle drum with eight fluid-cooled motorized spindles with synchronized technology, which are characterized by infinitely variable speed control, high torque, low size and no maintenance requirements. By the increased number of main spindles and tool carriers, the INDEX MS40C-8 is able to completely machine even very complex parts in one operation. And, there are up to two pivoting synchronized spindles, each able to work on up to seven rear end machining tools - four of them can be live. Another strength: the versatile, economic possibilities of the INDEX MS40-8 do not rule out simple workpieces. If components need to be cut with only a small number of tools, it can be used, of course, also as a highly productive double four-spindle machine.

In addition to the machine program, INDEX-Werke will present various services including the new divisions Digitization (which will handle in the future all developments in the digital environment and all i4.0 ready products) and Refit (covering all activities relating to second-hand machines, retooling and refitting). The lathe manufacturer demonstrates its particular strength also on the key issue of the future - Industry 4.0: for one it is represented at the VDW theme stand with XPanel. And INDEX takes up this topic under the name of iX4.0 at its own booth, presenting software and service products around Virtual Machine, Winflex, cockpit solutions for workshops and operations (machine condition analyses), and other highlights.


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