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Uncompromising precision

Best surface quality and maximum productivity

Experts anticipate a doubling of passenger numbers to 7.2 billion passengers per year by 2035. In the manufacture of aircraft and aircraft components, the level of innovation and the demand for components for the entire aerospace industry increase immensely. A part producer can meet this demand only, if it opts for efficient and high-tech production methods for cost-optimized machining.

No matter which material, which production strategy or to which quality requirements – with our machine solutions and know-how you can be sure you’ve made the right choice. The flexible machine tools and technologies of INDEX and TRAUB are ideally suited to product highprecision aircraft components for areas such as turbines, landing gear, chassis, and interior.

Through a versatile range of modular configuration options, we put together the best solution for your applications while keeping in mind such criteria as low tolerances and optimum surface quality.

Sample Parts

Your benefits

  • Highest precision and excellent surface accuracy
  • Short cycle times by multifunctional complete machining
  • Customized material feed and discharge solutions
  • Process integration such as measuring, marking, grinding, etc.
  • Excellent ergonomics and easy service accessibility
  • Machine tools “Made in Germany”

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Aerospace Solutions