Tool holder repair service

Fast repair service for tool holders

To keep a downtime of your turning machine or your turn-mill center, caused by a worn tool holder, as short as possible, INDEX TRAUB provide you with a fast and free pick-up service of the defective tool holder as well as the repair of tool holders from other manufacturers. 


Competence center for tool holders

Already for many years, INDEX and TRAUB have been handling the problem of reducing downtimes in order to best support their customers. The competence center for tool holders is located at the Reichenbach site with a modern assembly facility where the workstations and the flow of material have been optimized according to the methods of value stream design in order to avoid idle time and waste. That is because a shorter time to repair helps reduce downtimes at our customers. 


Tool holder repair flow

After arriving at the Reichenbach factory, the holder to be repaired “flows” to disassembly without any bureaucratic hurdles. In general, after receiving approval from the customer, repair can begin immediately. This is where, for example, the individual maintenance agreement comes into play, in which you have previously defined the value limit up to which a repair can be done without requiring a prior cost estimate or consultation. Since the required material is already stored at the assembly facility, the repair can start immediately. After the repair, the holder is subjected to the same quality assurance process as every new holder. On the run-in test bench, it undergoes a process that is based on the company’s many years of experience in spindle construction.  

The results as well as the report of the geometric test are archived under the serial number of the tool holder. This allows a complete quality control over the life cycle of the holder. Therefore your receive the same warranty as with new holders. The shipment to the customer is done in the original packaging and this protects the holder securely against damage during transport. The average time for the repair process for INDEX-TRAUB standard tool holders from goods receipt in Reichenbach to shipping is less than five workdays. 


Free pick-up service 

It is even faster if you use our free pick-up service. If you request a repair before 12:00 o’clock, the holder to be repaired will be picked up on the same day and will be delivered to use the next day (by 9:00 o’clock). For jobs like this with advance notice, all of the necessary items (materials, working papers) are already prepared at the repair department in Reichenbach to avoid any loss of time from preventable idle periods. 


Alternative replacement tool holders

In many cases we will also offer a replacement holder that is delivered immediately. Then you will send the defective tool holder to our factory. If it can be repaired, you will receive a credit for the replacement holder or you ask the original tool holder to be repaired. With the replacement holder service, the downtime of the machine can thus be minimized. Another benefit to the customer is the repair of products from other manufacturers. Without exception, we repair all tool holders that are suitable or compatible with INDEX and TRAUB machines. For the customer, this means simplified and faster processing because it requires only one point of contact for its tool holders. The basis for these new services offered is a team of highly motivated team of qualified employees who constantly work on improving their results. Because even service that is already good can and must find ways to improve if your goal is to lead the competition as a full-service tool holder supplier.



Service note for tool holder repair