INDEX & TRAUB Training

Do you wanna benefit from our professional, practical and qualified training programs? Then you are in exactly the right place with us.

Our training team offers professional courses (basic and advanced) that you can take advantage of to train your staff. Your turning machines will be even more productive if they are operated by well-trained personnel. We provide students with comprehensive know-how in operation and programming.

Do you wanna make an appointment for a training - just send an e-mail or call us!

Your benefits

  • Efficient basic and advanced training of your staff, including directly on the production machine
  • Detailed information on the latest state-of-the-art of CNC lathe technology 
  • Trained staff is more productive, resulting in cost reduction
  • Improved product quality due to solid knowledge of adjustable parameters

Training offers

  • Theory in training rooms equipped with advanced PC technology
  • Practical operator training in small groups
  • Training directly at the INDEX machines
  • Courses for maintenance and service
  • Programming courses according to DIN ISO (at programming stations)
  • Training directly at the machine in small groups
  • Virtual machine (VM) / Virtual Line related to the machine
  • WinFlexIPSPlus courses related to your machine
  • Supplementary courses such as Polyform, AWUE, measuring
  • Advanced courses to meet your needs
  • On-site training

"We got a professional and practical training program with qualified coaches."

Customer Training Center

NC/CNC programming course

- Manual programming of the machine with
  additional equipment

- Creation of machining programs

- Programming of cycles, subprograms,
  machine-specific functions such as
  measuring or handling functions

Machine operating course

- Proper and safety-conscious machine

- Learning the basics in setup, automatic
  mode, as well as interruptions

Servicing course electrics

- Execution of service operations

- Localization of faults and troubleshooting

Servicing training course mechanics/hydraulics

- Execution of service operations

- Localization of faults and troubleshooting


Professionalism, reliability and effectivity is what makes us special.

We are there for you.

  • Accessibility by telephone: Monday – Friday from 8.00 – 16.00 
  • Support of programming problems with the CNC-programm
  • Necessary information from the customer: Type of machine and -number, number of customer, CNC-Programme , parts drawing and the relates error messages.

Programming-Hotline INDEX

+49 (0) 711 3191-228

Programming-Hotline TRAUB

+49 (0) 7153 502-548

Do you have a question to the controller type Siemens, Mitsubishi or Fanuc?

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