ECO fluid optimizes your energy consumption

Energy-optimized cooling lubricant and hydraulic fluid supplies by consumption-controlled pump operation

Pressure-driven control of low and high pressure cooling lubricant amounts results in energy optimized cooling lubricant supply. 

The pump speed is continuously and automatically adjusted to deliver only the amount of cooling lubricant that is actually needed. This results in significant reduction of electric energy consumed and hence in significant cost savings – especially in multi-shift operations. The energy and cost benefits are noticeable even with consumer valves fully closed, because the demand-driven controller limits the cooling lubricant amount transported to almost zero.

ECO fluid pump control vs. conventional pump operation

“The new INDEX ECO fluid pump control of cooling lubricant systems considerably reduces your energy consumption.”

You will benefit 3-fold:

Energy is consumed only for the CL amount actually needed

CL supply is controlled to a programmed pressure and kept constant

Easy and optimized adjustment to technological requirements