Automated robot solutions

Intelligent automation – even more flexibility and efficiency

1. iXcenter integrated

With the optional iXcenter robot cell, blanks and/or finished parts can be fed and discharged quickly, safely, and flexibly.
The robot cell is docked ergonomically to the machine. It can be moved easily to the right during the setup process, allowing unobstructed access to the work area. During production, the iXcenter is fixed in front of the machine’s work area. The robot then accesses the work area via the sliding guard of the machine, which opens automatically behind the robot cell.

Simply good handling of blanks and finished parts

  • Space-saving vertical storage with up to 22 pallets stacked up
  • Pallet size 600 x 400 mm
  • Minimal pallet height 25.4 mm
  • Pallets with blanks are loaded at the top, pallets with finished parts are removed at the bottom – at any time without interrupting production
  • The pallet is pulled in and out by the robot
  • Easy macro-programming

Using more potentials
Subsequent processes such as cleaning, measuring, deburring, etc. can be integrated in the robot cell

Ready to Go

  • 6-axis robot for 7.5 kg payload with integrated gripper control
  • Double gripper included in the standard
  • 22 pallets (without workpiece-specific inlays) are included in the standard
  • Easy in-house relocation

2. iXcenter modular

With the iXcenter robot cell, blanks and finished parts can be fed and discharged quickly, safely, and flexibly.
The overall sequence between the machine and the robot cell is created using predefined macros in the NC program. The robot accesses the machine’s work area via the sliding door, which opens and closes automatically. The iXcenter has a modular design and allows you to integrate different processes economically. Thanks to the accessibility of spindles, tool carriers, and the tool magazine, iXcenter makes you ideally prepared to set up your machine.

Your advantages

  • Automatic and ergonomic workpiece feed and discharge
  • Modular, flexibly expandable basic cell
  • Continuous operation with low manpower possible
  • Door designed for optimum access and view of the machine
  • Compact design
  • Modern INDEX machine design
  • Entire system from one source

Technical data

  • Robot capacity: 165 kg – higher weights possible in special cases
  • Optionally up to 270 kg capacity
  • Robot reach approx. 2660 mm
  • Self-contained robot cell
  • Basic cell as a complete delivery unit with load-bearing base unit – modules supplied separately
  • CL return to machine – walk-on floor with grating
  • 6-axis robot with up to 270 kg load capacity
  • Double grippers in flange or shaft versions
  • Optional: Automatic gripper change, including gripper storage

Utilize greater potential
Integration of downstream processes by adding special modules

  • Pallet/rack modules
  • Storage systems
  • Circulating conveyors
  • Measuring units
  • Test modules
  • Discharge units
  • Cleaning stations
  • Deburring modules
  • Laser marking modules
  • Further customized solutions