Energy saving inclusive

Energy efficiency is the key to lower energy consumption of the machines and protecting the environment

INDEX and TRAUB have viewed the efficient use of energy and resources as a key requirement in their technological machine development activities. Therefore, all machines conform to the principle of reduced energy consumption with simultaneous improvement in environmental compatibility. Design experience, such as measurements on machines in the field, form the basis for meeting or even surpassing for all technologies the requirements regarding energy/resource efficiency sustainably, including in the future. With INDEX and TRAUB machines that consistently build on the proprietary ECO concept described below, you simply use energy more efficiently and reduce your consumption.

ECO fluid

  • Energy-optimized cooling lubricant and hydraulic fluid supplies by consumption-controlled pump operation for consumption reduction.

Detailed information about ECO fluid

ECO energy

  • Electric mains feedback in all drives for energy recovery during braking
  • Reduced loss by using synchronous motors with enhanced efficiency 
  • Energy saving through shortest machining times due to high accelerations and rapid traverse rates

ECO design

  • Lower energy requirement through innovative axis kinematics with weight-reduced machine components
  • Energy saving through technology and process integration with intelligent multi-process machining in one machine

ECO cool

  • Centrally controlled machine cooling system for reusing dissipated heat

ECO control

  • Reduced consumption through intelligent standby concepts:
    automatic shut-down of peripherals

ECO setup

  • Simulation technology supports the setup of workpieces away from the machine, thereby conserving energy

Member of the VDMA BlueCompetence initiative

BlueCompetence stands for innovation and technology leadership of mechanical and system engineering in the field of sustainable solutions. On the basis of verifiable criteria, the BlueCompetence sustainability initiative characterizes its members and partners as a provider of quality-of-life-enhancing, environmentally-friendly, energy- and resource-efficient solutions and technologies for economy, environment and society. INDEX & TRAUB, as a member of the initiative, assume responsibility for ecological and economic action.